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Played just like beer pong. Ten cups per team set like bowling pins. Each team shots for the opposing team's cups. However, do not remove the cup. If the opposing team sinks an empty cup they must drink one of their cups.

Required Items
  • Table
  • 24 Cups
  • Ping pong balls
  • Beer

Bottle Hockey

Players stand around a table and each is given an empty bottle. It's best to keep their drinks off the table they're playing on so that they don't spill. The object of the game is to flick or scoop the quarter so that it hits someone else's bottle. Someone will start the game by spinning the quarter and they will then say someone else's name. The person whose name they call must flick the quarter and try to hit someone else's bottle. Anyone whose name is not called, including the person who called the name can defend their bottle using only their pinky and index finger on the same hand. If someone's bottle is hit with the quarter, the player who flicked the quarter spins the quarter and tries to keep the quarter spinning as long as possible. The player whose bottle was hit has to chug their drink until the quarter stops spinning. If the quarter falls off the table then the person stops drinking even if the quarter keeps spinning on the floor. The person drinking is not allowed to touch the quarter unless they finish their drink before the quarter stops spinning. If that happens then the can slam their drink down on the quarter, so long as it's still spinning, then the person who flicked the quarter has to chug their drink. If any bottles are knocked over by the quarter then the person defending that bottle must chug their entire drink. If any bottles are knocked over by a player then that person drinks until the quarter stops spinning, and they can slam their drink on the quarter if they finish. If any bottles break, the person who broke the bottle must chug their drink, clean up the glass, and becomes the beer bitch for everyone else playing the game. This game is best played with beer.

Required Items
  • Empty bottles
  • A coin preferrably a quarter
| by mike tori

Ring Of Fire

Place all shuffled cards in a circle around a large cup in the middle. One player at a time first player draws.

2- for you (player picks someone)
3- for me (player drinks)
4- whores (girls drink)
5- thumbmaster (place thumb on table at anytime last player to do so drinks but don't forget because you lose your power when the next 5 is drawn and it is given to that player)
6- for dicks (guys drink)
7- heaven (last person pointing up has to drink)
8- states (name states no repeats loser drinks)
9-ryme time (go in a circle and ryme words loser drinks {the word orange is illigal nothing rymes with orange})
10- never have I ever (name something you have never done players that have done that must drink {if you wish, complete the circle once with this then move on})
J- make up a rule (player makes up any rule they want rule only in effect till another jack is picked
Q- questions (player asks anyone a question you must answer with a question and so on loser drinks)
K- king cup (pour some of your drink in the king cup last king picked player has to drink the king cup {really bad if everyone is drinking diff stuff})

**additional rules:
-- first person to break the circle has to drink
--basketball: when ever a drink is empty player must shoot container into the trash can if missed must drink 2 drinks, if made player makes up a rule. These rules are not instead of but along with the other rules in play if someone has pick the appropriate card....( this rule is opptional works best with cans)

***some fun rules

~no cursing
~talk like a pirate
~little green man (everyone has a little green man on their drink and he must be removed and placed back on the rim during all game related drinks forgetful people must drink again)


The Boondock Saints

This is by far the easiest drinking game for a movie.

Drink everytime the word "fuck" is said.

Good luck!

That's 239 times!

| by vjessen

Rent The Movie Drinking Game

The Rent Drinking Game

Take a drink when...

1. The word Rent is said/sung

2. Someone dies of AIDS

3. You see Roger physically leave the Apartment (can include Fire escape if you wish)

4. Maureen says "Pookie"

5. Mark Winds up his camera

6. You see Angel dressed as a man

7. Benny touches someone

8. JoAnne takes off a coat/blazer

9. Collins takes a drag from a Joint

10. Mimi is seen with a holding a drug (little baggie or in a syringe)

11. Someone talks to the Homeless

12. The answering machine says "Speak"

Too much fun! If you don't want to get drunk right away, wait until after the song "Rent" to initiate Rule 1.

Required Items
  • Rent the movie
| by schroedess26

3 Man

Sit in a circle. And pass the dice around until someone rolls a 3 or a 2 and a 1. The person who rolled the three is the three man. The dice get passed to the next person. He rolls and if he rolls a 3 or a 2 and a 1 the three man takes a drink. If he Rolls a 7 The person to his right has to drink. If he rolls an 11 the person to his left has to drink. If he rolls doubles he has to split the dice up between two people and says high or low after they roll. Which ever he calls the person who with the high or low dice number has to drink. You keep rolling the dice until you roll and no one has to drink. If a dice rolls off the table the person has to drink and his turn is over. The three man has to drink every time a three comes up. The three man can only stop being three man if he rolls a three on his turn. Then the three man gets to chose the next three man.

Required Items
  • Beer
  • 2 dice

Done For The Night

You start with a full beer then have as many players you want to start, you will need at least 12 beers each. To start someone says go then everybody starts chugging and does not stop chugging your beer until all the beers are gone. The winner is the one who either drinks the most beers, or if several finish whoever did it first.

Band of Brothers

*Someone calls for a medic-everyone takes a swig.
*They jump from a plane- drink half a beer or half a shot.
*When someone on screen drinks water or beer- everyone drinks the same amount as those on screen
*When the word "Easy company" is said everyone puts their hands on their heads, last person to do so finishes their beer
*Whenever someone uses any derogatory term for a German, take a shot of Jager.

Required Items
  • TV
  • Band of Brothers

Mario Kart Drinking

Choose controller for set of four random maps.

1. Wii Wheel
2. Wiimote/nunchuck
3. Classic Controller


Everyone takes a full beer or shot before races start.

2 teams of 2. One designated driver and designated drinker. The designated driver takes control of remote for the 1st and 3rd maps. Each time the driver is hit or gets hit by an item from the list below they multiply the controllers number by the items number and the driver takes the added number of drinks during the next race. (Red Shell hits the driver while using Wii Wheel driver will take 1 drink for that one instance).

The designated drinker during the off race (when they are not racing) must drink their drinks and keep track of the opposite teams drivers score for items.

If one player completes a race in first, the opposing teams players must each take a full drink (full beer or shot) before the next race can begin.


Falling off the course / burned / or derailed by map elements is one drink by controller per instance. Max 3 drinks.


1. Red, Blue Shells (indirect or directly hit), POW boxes, and rockets.
2. Mushroom sized players hitting you, star powered players hitting you, player with shells surrounding driver hitting you.
3. Bananas, fake boxes
4. Green shells
5. Hitting other teams driver with any item.

-1. Blocking any item.

Required Items
  • Mario Kart Wii
| by pyrocide

Name That Tune

This is a passive game to play in a bar. When a song comes on the first person to say the name of the song followed by the words, "Drink", everyone else playing takes a drink.

Required Items
  • Bar/Party scene

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